How to import a Kitten From Russia

You can buy and ship a kitten by yourself! It won’t be as expensive as with the dealer and it is not that hard!

You can contact right to the cattery. What about our Scottish fold and Selkirk Rex Cattery Sharmila, I’m a professional breeder and the owner of the cattery and I can easily talk to you on English. You can ask any questions you want, I will advice you how to feed, to take care, to make grooming, how to search a good breeding pair if you bought a kitten for breeding, I’ll tell you the advantages and features of the breeding lines we have and a lot of more interesting and suitable topics can be discussed with a breeder of you kitten. It is called-the catteries support, which we are glad to offer you.

There are few steps that you should make while buying a kitten from my Scottish fold and Selkirk rex cattery of from the other nice professional one:

  1. You talk to a breeder, ask for the kitten’s photos and video, look at the parents and ask any questions you want. (What should the kitten have to be shipped to the foreign country from Russia you can read here)
  2. You reserve a kitten. The money to  a breeder you can sent by Western Union, PayPal, or by the bank transferee.
  3. You and the breeder contact to a carrier and discuss the ways to ship a kitten from Russia to your country. When the carrier is found, you pay to the carrier the payment for the shipping.
  4. When the kitten is ready to go, you sent the rest of the reserve to a breeder. Also to a breeder you sent the payment for the shipping to Moscow or the other city where the carrier, which will bring the kitten to your country will get it. So the all way of the kitten to your country you pay by yourself but I guess it is less expensive then you’ll pay to the agent or to the dealer if would decide to buy with him/her. Also the breeder can count to it the price of a cage and some documents which are necessary only for the shipping to your country. (What should the kitten have to be shipped to the foreign country from Russia you can read here)
  5. At the exact date you go to the airport in your country and take a there your kitten and it’s documents!

Sharmila Cattery.