About cattery Sharmila

Hello, My Dear Friend!

My name is Lyudmila Smetanina.I'm a professional breeder and owner of a scottish fold and selkirk rex cattery. My cattery is called Sharmila.

sharmila catteryWe are located in Rostov-on-Don.Russia. In my cattery we are working on such breeds as scottish fold, scottish straight, highland fold and highland straight, also we have a new direction in breeding programm-the curly cats of a rare for our country breed-selkirk rex.

We can ship  a kitten to you in any part of the world!

Our cattery is registered in WCF system - registration number 4846-2013; in the russian system FARUS - number 047/2013.

Our kittens are also avaliable for the registration wil CFA and TICA!
We guarantee you:

100% purebreed quality of our kittens,

100% nice personality of our kittens,

100% help with the deliverty of our kittens,

100% health, tested by any helth and genetic tests you desire.

Our cats are tested for PKD, Felv and Fiv.

Our Scottish folds and selkirk rexs are the cats of the show and breed quality. They are the winners of numerous shows and rings. They live in our house with us, doing whatever thery want, sleeping wherever they want, eating the best food, getting the best care and love. We don't cage our cats and kittens. 

Our cats are happy and healty. So are our kittens. Here   you can see our avaliable kittens.

I can easily talk to you on English.

I know english well enough. Feel free to ask any questions you want, I will advice you how to feed, to take care, to make grooming, how to search a good breeding pair if you bought a kitten for breeding, I’ll tell you the advantages and features of the breeding lines we have and a lot of more interesting and suitable topics can be discussed with a breeder of your kitten. It is called-the professional breeder's and felinologist consultation, which we are glad to offer you.

Also  i'm studing and practicing to be a WCF Judge, at this moment i'm a judge pupil (WCF).

So i'm well educated professional and can tell you a lot of interesting things about our breed and the other breeds too 

Best Wishes and Purrs!

tel: 89185234714

Il email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rostov-na-Donu, Russia