In my cattery we try to make not only cats and kittens to be unique and beautiful, we also love to do everything with creativity.

Here we will public the handmade toys of our own.

We can make any for you, if you like them.

And as you probably know the handmade things. which were made with love, usually attract the fortune! 

Wicker "Makrame" toys with further, mink and bells

Model Mak-1

the wicker toy with the "long tail", further and bells



Model Mak-2

the wicker toy with the further and bells


Model Mak-3

the wicker toy with with the "long tail", natural mink fur and bells


Toys with furthur and bells

Model Fur-1

the  toy with the further and good ringing bell



Model Fur-2

the  toy with a lot further and a small ringing bell


Model Fur-3

the toy with a lot further , a curved strong wooden stick and a small or a large ringing bell


Model Fur-4

 the toy with further set up and on rope, sounds like bird's wings, also has a small bell



Model Fur-5

Mixed toys with the rings, furthur, ribbons etc



Toys on a spiral

Model Fun-1

the  toy with the 3 bells on spirals, looks funny and colorful



Model Fun-2

the  toy with the the mink fur, the bell on a spiral, looks funny

PHOTOS will be later

the  toy with the the bells ona rope