How deliver a kitten from Sharmila Cattery?

You can buy and ship a kitten by yourself! It won’t be as expensive as with the dealer and it is not that hard!

So, what is the procedure?

There are few steps that you should make while buying a kitten from my Scottish fold and Selkirk rex cattery of from the other nice professional cattery:

  • 1. You talk to a breeder, ask for the kitten’s photos and videos, look at the parents and ask a breeder any questions you want. Look up breeder’s social cells, web-site ets. to make sure everything is fine. For us:

  • 2. You sent a deposit for a kitten to a breeder. How to send money in contemporary conditions you may just ask me in personal message, or at what’s up +79185234714 . Be sure it is safe and easy, we have a great experience in it too

  • 3. A breeder contacts to a courier and discusses the ways of shipping a kitten from Russia to your country, tells you a price of the delivery. If you have you own courier it is great, you just get all this information by yourself and tell to the breeder.

  • 4. When the kitten is ready to go, you sent the rest of the payment to a breeder. As an extra expense there may be a delivery to Moscow or a city from where the kitten will go to you. It includes the way itself, the cage for the shipping and may be the documents and the tests if it is necessary to make some special for the shipping.
    The all way of the kitten to your country you pay by yourself but I guess it is less expensive then you’ll pay to the agent or to the dealer if would decide to buy with him/her.

  • 5. At the exact date you go to the airport, or to a place which the courier will discuss with you in your country and take your kitten and it’s documents!

We prepare the documents, make the vaccination and chipping.

Look for the best courier to transport a kitten and

check everything to insure that the trip will be safe and careful

Auto or avia to Europe.

You just pick up a kitten in the airport or sometims courier may bring to your home,

if a kitten travels by car.


Avia (cargo or in a cabine)

to the USA, Canada, Argentina, China, Vietnam

or any other country. 

If you what to know more about the transportation of our kittens to your country, you may message me at what’s up or e-mail me or leave your what’s up phone number +7 (918) 523-47-14

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