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Our cattery is registered in WCF - number 4846-2013 Our kittens are also available for the registration in CFA and TICA! When you get a kitten from Sharmila, You’ll add lots of joy and happiness in your home, so just choose your kitten


Our Scottish fold/straight, Selkirk rex kittens are available for reservation at any time and are ready to come home around the age of 4 months when deworming, vaccinations, spay/neutering (if they go as pets), chipping and all papers are done. . (Германия) и Farus (Россия).

Our Scottish folds and Selkirk rexes cats and kittens live in home conditions. We don't cage our cats and kittens.

Sharmila cattery guarantees you:

  1. Purebred quality of our kittens .

  2. Nice personality of our kittens(.-all our cats and kittens live in home conditions, we do not use the cages ..

  3. Excellent health, all vaccinations and deworming done.

  4. Help with the safe delivery of a kittens .-we have a great experience in shipping to different countries of the world .)

  5. Any health check, any genetics or other tests you would like to be done for a kitten before it leaves.

  6. Our cats are tested for PKD, Felv and Fiv.

  7. We also guarantee you all the consultation or any other help which you would need during all the life of a kitten.

  8. We have a lot of feedbacks from the new owners of our kittens in different countries

Приобретая котенка в Sharmila, Вы получите  интеллигентного друга без забот и хлопот!

We ship worldwide! Just choose your kitten with your heart

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